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AutoBook Appointments

Book Your Calendars


While You Work, Play

Or Sleep

Convert inbound messages into conversations that book meetings, appointments or activities for you 24/7.

Effortlessly automate your calendar bookings to save time and meet customer expectations.

Businesses With Online Calendars See An 80% Increase In Bookings And 30% Fewer No-Shows

Turn Chats & Missed Calls Into Booked Appointments!

How AutoBooking Appointments Work


AutoBooking Calendars


75% APRMAY 03:00 PM

Streamline Your Appointment Scheduling

When a customer requests an appointment from a message prompt they are presented with two convenient options. A link to a book through an calendar or have the AI Bot do the booking.

Goodbye missed calls - hello booked appointments.


Ensure Smooth Appointment Experience With Automation

When a booking is made, appointment confirmations with instant text and email notifications are sent automatically, followed by scheduled reminders.


Automated reminders reduce no-shows.

Efficient Appointment Tracking And Outcome-Based Campaigns

Appointment requests are monitored and updated in real-time. Changes in the pipeline trigger tailored campaigns and updates, ensuring personalized responses.

Every conversation has automatic responses.

Appointment Management And Follow-up

Completed appointments move to an onboarding pipeline, while nurturing strategies engage non-sale and no show appointments.

Tracked appointment status trigger next steps.

Transform Inquiries Into Booked Appointments

Maximize Your Time For Sales

Automating bookings from missed calls and messages saves you time. It eliminates the need for manual follow-ups so your can focus on sales calls and revenue generation knowing no potential business slips through the cracks.

How Message Hub+ Works

With AutoBooked Appointments

With Message Hub+ proven Done-For-You services are set-up on top of the technology that runs Message Hub for a supercharged system that will help you take back time to focus on work, family or friends.


Seamless Responses Twenty-Four Seven

When you are unavailable, the system ensures an intelligent responses by offering prompts that align with your business goals.

Keep the conversation alive and the lead engaged.