Online Reviews

Win More Business

Turn Online Profiles Into Your Competitive Edge

Differentiate yourself as the top choice for online searchers. Harness the power of online reviews to build trust, credibility, and drive more website and foot traffic to your business.

Unlock the Power of Online Research.

Over 80% Of People Research A Business Before Making A Decision!

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How Online Reviews Works

Online Reviews

Collect Feedback

Provide your customers a direct link to leave a review with a single click from inside the app. The link goes directly to the review window making it easy to complete.

Drive more traffic to your business.

Review Monitoring and Engagement

Track and respond to reviews from Google & Facebook from inside the app - show you care.

Centralized Dashboard for Monitoring & Responding.

Harness the Power of Visual Reviews

Empower Customers to Share Photos

Elevate Your Reputation with Visual Reviews. Reviews are crucial signals for search engines, but reviews with photos have an even greater impact. Stand out from the competition by encouraging customers to share their experiences visually.

How Message Hub+ Works

With Online Reviews

With Message Hub+ proven Done-For-You services are set-up on top of the technology that runs Message Hub for a supercharged system that will help you take back time to focus on work, family or friends.

Automated Requests Maximize Responses

When a customer completes a transaction the system sends a thank you. If they have not left a review in the past, a version is sent asking them to provide feedback on their experience.

Increase Customer Reviews.

Positive Responses Asked To Provide Online Review

When they give a positive rating, they are prompted to post a review online.

Increase Customer Reviews.