Connected Chat

Efficiently Manage

And Engage And Amplify Your Audience

Effortlessly manage all your messages from one convenient app. Never miss a chat, review, lead, or referral again. Instant responses ensure prompt and consistent communication. Increase sales, build trust, enhance your brand image and reputation by intelligently engaging your audience.

Unleash the Potential of Chat Messaging.
9 out of 10 People Prefer it!

Connect and Streamline Your Messaging Channels for Maximum Impact!

How Connected Chat Works

Connected Chat

All-In-One Messaging Hub

All your incoming messages inbound to a central hub so you have quick access to the conversation. Get a DM, respond by email. A GMB message, send a text. A

Effortlessly manage conversations from one app.

Communicate Anywhere With The Mobile App

Stay connected with your leads, customers, and teams no matter where you are, thanks to our mobile and desktop apps. Enjoy efficient and effective communication that enhances collaboration between clients and your team.